My blog is of my creations, My furniture, using wood I have collected from here and there, occasionally buying some to make up the difference.
My design is often based around what I have available.
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My Trade Mark

My Trade Mark
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Sunday, August 15, 2010

10c lengths

The weekend started of right, $6.20 entry into the swimming pool so to get value for money I had to do 60 lengths I think I may just have done 62 as I lost count at one stage and did 2 extra lengths so the total was either 60 or 62.
The weather brightened on Sunday and made time for a coastal walk the tide was a high one and it made for quiet a sight to see just how high it was.
A little time was given to the creative side and I am pleased with the outcome, I did consider a brass knob that has sat in a draw for years but as this has turned up so well I think I will stay with it, there is no draw behind the front yet but there will be soon.
The week saw a block of paduak join the ranks of wood to be used.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

On A Roll

Sometimes I just want to see progress, so this week I have done a small amount as I arrive home from work even if its just clean up the mess from the previous day, and it has put me ahead for the weekend, so this is the result from a concentrated weekend, I an still putting the house back together after the heat pump installation so that ate up a few hours, 40 lengths of the pool and a good beach walk gave a bit of balance to a working weekend.
The photo is a work in progress the top is sanded ( the edges aren't ) I made a decision to include a stripe around the skirt the same as the one in the top, and now I am so pleased to see the way it wraps around the corner, the legs will be planted on the face of the skirt so some of the blank space is dissolve, now I can't wait to get on but of course I have to make the legs.