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My Trade Mark
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Friday, October 19, 2012

A random choice

 This is the first of two tops that I will make, that is if I make them both the same, as I said in the earlier blog this has all come out of left over scraps so the grain of the pieces could not be matched in anyway I picked up the pieces randomly as I glued up the smaller hexagons and to my eye at the moment looks very disorganised, a characteristic of teak is that it changes colour as it is exposed to the air and much of what is seen here is freshly cut wood, the thickness of the teak is now about 4mm and I have vacuum pressed it to 18mm mdf, I belive the only glue to fully work in a vac bag is epoxy so that is what I used but in the joining up of the Teak I used a polyurethane foaming glue.
My next move is to trim the edges and clash them with a widedownstand that I will give a bit of shape to, then my standard design of 3 legs.
There are 36 hexagons each with 3 dimonds so that is 108 pieces, if you look closely some of them around the edge are half dimonds.
As I worked my way through the process of gluing the small hexagons together I found that the small error I mentioned in the last blog was manifesting itself and I had to build it one piece at a time in order to get all the points coming together as they should, for the photo I gave the teak a wipe with a damp cloth to bring out the colour and it has had a very rough sand to get it flat.