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My Trade Mark
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Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Pantry in April

I didn't have to wait months for it to happen, the new fridge needs a home, I sold the small fridge so the only necessary ingredient missing is my enthusiasm and as I had a few days with only me in the house it is the right time to disrupt the kitchen, I built a new wall to the right of the pantry, I had pre painted 3 12mm sheets of MDF to line the pantry with I had edged a piece of 16mm pine ply and pre coated it for the floor, the doors were primed some time ago and will be taken off for top coating, the door frame has been pre painted but will get some more when the doors are off, I am making an access panel to the power box back should I ever need to get more wires to it.
I have been using the blue cover to prevent dust covering the whole house as I pull out the old gib board, the gib that is in the fridge area will go next and new will be put up in the next day or two, I am thinking a cupboard above the fridge but as the fridge is 1700mm high and it needs some room above to breath it may be too high to be of much use, I am looking forward to shaping up some shelves that will sit on the brackets and getting gib board stopped and painted.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Not finished

Nothing gets totally finished, but this wall has paint on it and the heat pump can be installed and that is important for the approaching winter, I think one day the ceiling will come down as there is a lot of damage from years of the roof leaking, there is a 40mm sag in the middle of the room and I don't know if that is the ceiling material of the wooden ceiling battens that have rusted out and are sagging so that is a barrier to me putting up a scotia between the wall and ceiling, this area was once upon a time the entrance hall and the ceiling has been patched when it was changed, it is good to
see a bit of finished wall even if there is a lot to do around it.
There are some finished bits in the laundry, the new floor is down and pre finished in a dark oil based polyurethane to contrast with the light walls, the laundry will be a store room, shoe and coat room, I have made a under house access in the corner of the room it will be behind the door and will never be stood on, I have fitted the wall panels to the floor so I do not need skirting boards, I found I had off cuts from the wall panels, long off cuts of 12mm ply, one side is not made to be seen and is mostly riddled with knots I glued 2 long pieces together to give me 24mm thick ply and was greatly surprised how stiff it became I had to cover the edge so glued on some of the flooring that I considered of little use as flooring making it very suitable as shelving at over 300mm wide, the wall bearers I have used have come from the old room doors that I have cut up and rescued the timber from, the shoe box was made from left over flooring of my previous house, there is going to be 2 more shelves along the wall above the coat hooks that wall is 2.4m long so they will be good size shelves for storing all the pickles chutneys and jams that are being made at the moment mostly from the Feijoa tree that is dropping its fruit at the moment.
This room is unfinished too with the thought that a new window will be installed in that wall, I will order 3 new windows today for the laundry and bathroom, the powder coating is falling off the aluminum and I can see no other alternative from a new window one of the bathroom windows has a rather large opener so I plan on having fixed glass in the bottom and a smaller opener, I will then be able to get on and do more in the bathroom as there is much there unfinished.
I seem to be getting to the stage where I can see my way to wrecking the kitchen there is a hole where the old hot water cylinder was, the pantry is too small and the hole for the fridge is too small for the new fridge freezer, so all in all it spells a whole revamp of this area, keep watching it may take months.