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My Trade Mark
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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A working holiday

I think I am always on holiday and when on holiday I choose what I do.
I made a new door frame it has deeper rebates so I hope it is more draft proof come the winter I have made provision for some brush seals that I will install when I have given it a final coat of oil, it is another job that is not quite finished but so much better than what was there the door fits in the frame and the frame is well painted and to my eye looks pleasing.
Working on the door was a fill in job till I felt ready to get on with the new shower and have been slowly getting the shower tray ready for the big day when I will pull out the the old shower and I think we will be without a shower for a few days.
In this picture I show the stainless steel plate buried in the timber that the brackets are bolted to, there are 4 brackets to take the weight of the glass, the white plastic is s protective covering on the stainless that I will remove when all is finished you can also see the 20mm ply glued to the back of the stainless steel so it will be solid to stand on, the step will be outside the glass so should never get wet as the glass will hang down below the step and the water will just drip off the bottom edge.
In the background is one of 2 panels that will cover the top half of the wall above the toilet with the white tile on the bottom half, behind the toilet I have started to make a pattern that I will use to cut the sheet that will cover that wall I wanted to be sure I cut the hole for the window in exactly the right place as I have very little tolerance, I also have a bunch of floor boards ready to lay under the toilet that but up against the shower tray, in this picture you can see I now have the wall lining on behind the sink and above the window.
The old shower can be seen to the left and is a 900mm X 700mm tray the wall linings are also very damaged and past there use by date the new tray is 1200mm X 900mm and will have a sliding glass door.
I have had my last shower in that shower and am pleased it has only been 14 months since we moved in and it will be only a memory documented here.

Friday, January 15, 2016


The side of the carport has had some attentions and is looking all that I hoped it would, there will be a gap at the top and there are still 2 more pieces to be painted and screwed in place to add some protection to the car this may not happen for a while as I would need to remove it when I do some concrete work but then it is looking so nice I want to get it finished, the corrugated tin is what I have rescued from the garage roof and cleaned up hoping it will last a few years, the rusty top side I have put to the inside after grinding and priming the rust areas so the good under side is out to the 
weather, the 2 opening windows came from one of the house windows and has been fixed in the wooden framing, this enables me to see out into the garden and monitor the rapid growth of some of our veges, we could not eat the marrow fast enough and gave many away we have plenty of pumpkins so we hope they will keep into the winter.
While I waited for the shower tray to be made I thought I would touch up the new secondhand door for the back of the house, the weather had got into the coating on the bottom of the door and thinking I could touch it up started to give it a light sand around the affected areas only to find the top coat just flaked away leaving a very hard first layer, I knew that top layer would just keep falling away as it had not adhered to the hard first coating so I set about to strip the whole one side including making a new shape on the panels as the original profile was to difficult to clean up successfully, its an 8 panel door that I spent about 8 hours scraping and sanding and that is only one side, I now have a new door frame that has some brush strip down both sides, the wood leaning against the door is matai and was the window sill to the window in the front of the garage till a year ago it is a lovely rich piece of wood and must be very old looking at the growth rings and the window it came from was old it will be clear coated the frame
will be painted white and the door will match the beams over the deck.
The shower tray has a protective white plastic coating over the stainless steel, I have embedded 6mm stainless steel in timber and filled up the step then glued triangle ply panels to the back side of the tray and created as much fall as possible towards the water drain I have bolted stainless steel brackets on the step for the glass panels to sit on, there will be a fixed side glass panel and a fixed front panel then a sliding door about 600mm wide.
More on this next time.