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My Trade Mark
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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Finished House Front

Its now 18 months since we moved into this house, now I am able to say the front of the house is finished, that is the house not the garden as I think there is a lot to do there over time.
The window on the right is the latest one to be replaced and I am so pleased with the look and up close I no longer see all the powder coating peeling off both inside and out, the opening sash is firm on its window stays as is the window catch, it is double glassed and has a tint but still the heat belts through on those hot days, with the window closed at night it is very quiet, if you look back though this blog you will see what the old window looked like and why I wanted to change it, the room is a bedroom and has had all the gib board replaced now and whilst doing that I was able to improve on the insulation, the tawa flooring has been sanded and coated, the wardrobe moved and improved, a new door and door frame are now in need of their final coat of paint then I will cut and fix some skirting boards and walla a room is ready to receive all the junk that has been stored else where.