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My Trade Mark
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Sunday, October 23, 2016

It Happens Eventually

There is a lot of story about how this top came to be and most of it is written about in previous posts, here it is still in the garage but sat on a finished cupboard unit ready to go in the house for storage till the kitchen is ready for it, in my bones I can feel the day approaching that I will drag it to its permanent home, before that there is a lot to do.
I have ordered 3 new windows and one sliding door that have to be installed there is a ceiling to be replaced and walls to be relined.
This long window with an obscure glass did not fit the style of the house, this area inside the house was dark and while the view out is nothing I did want the light, upon investigation I discovered there was a window here when the house was built in the 1960s and was changed to this narrow window when the house was extended in 1984, I worked out how big I could make the new one to rescue enough bricks to brick up the bottom part so the end result looks like no change has been made, it has been a dusty experience but rewarding in that I was unsure I could be successful.
The Manz Shed I am a member of has talked about a coffin club for 2 years and it has been all talk, I elected to make it action, In August I bought the first material in September we sold 2 and here we are into making our 4th and 5th coffins, the plan is to have people buy them and decorate them before they need them, this is a way to bring the whole subject back into peoples control and have some fun and social activity too, I hope I am right in being able to see a group of people having fun painting and decorating their own coffins with the help of friends, as I see it happening in Rotorua, do a google search for rotorua coffin club to see what I mean.