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My Trade Mark
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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Second lap to a new kitchen

I think making the kitchen was the first lap, with the house to myself for 10 days it was time to demolish the ceiling then using steel battens bring it down to match the lounge ceiling, I also re positioned the lights, it amounted to about 20m2 but only 5 sheets of gib board the longest being 4m long and 4 sheets at 3m long, this part of the house is an addition to the original house so was built using gauged pine, there was non of that awful insulfluf I have uncounted in the old part of the house and I managed to leave most of the insulation in place.
I also installed a window then replaced the gib board to the outer wall to the right of this photo is the new wiring for kitchen stove, bench top power outlets and the difficult range hood power outlet including pre fixing the range hood the original had been taken through the wall but it was not an option with this type so I had to do some careful brickwork outside then remove the soffit and install the ducting to come down and out of the soffit, the walls inside are higher than the soffit so the roof is very near the wall top and a tight fit for the ducting making it a challenge.
The ceiling is done and the outer wall, come the new year we will eat outdoors while I rip out the kitchen there is still a lot to do.