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My Trade Mark
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Monday, January 30, 2017

I Can See The Finish Line

Ho no not the finish line, then what will I do?
Yes I can see the finish line if the kitchen re build, the last few days have been exciting as its what I like doing, I decided to put the skirting on top of the vinyl and I like to get most of the paint on before I fix them in place then touch up later with a final paint I figer I save making dust in the house while we live in it, I always knew the round corners to the gib board would mean round skirting boards so many months ago I made a bunch of corner blanks this is one of the first ones as then I realised I needed a tighter grain wood so used Rimu a native to NZ I found a old strong piece I had pulled out of the house somewhere, I used a hole saw to cut out that inside radius before I glued the pieces together, the straight skirting is 90mm X 10mm pine that NZ imports from Chile yes with all our pine forests and our pine exports we import skirting from Chile, here is the main wood working tool for the job and without it it would be difficult as it involves what at times seems to be endless trips into the garage to take one more bit off I also used a angle
grinder to grind the back out so only the top edge needs fitting, the big one is made of 7 pieces of wood and the smaller one uses 4 pieces, once they are well painted and dry I give them a quick sand outside before I bring them inside and glue them in place later I fill and gaps before one final sand with a vacuum running and paint, some where in there I would get a light sealer paint over any filler before the top coat.
I think I have done 9 of these corners now and do feel as if I have worked out how to do them, I think the trick to success is to take off less during the fine fitting as one more trip out to the garage to remove a bit more is better than removing too much and having to start again as that would lead to 20 more trips to the garage and a long delay.
I do have some tiles to lay inside the ranch slider before I complete the trim around the door frame, then I can hang the last curtain in this area of the house, I wonder if that means wallah before I move into another area of the house, before that I have some coffins to finish.  

Sunday, January 22, 2017

On the home straight

Or is it the last lap.
Most of the floor is finished so it is feeling complete now, I do have a number of small jobs to do and still a bit of flooring to lay, right now I want to go wash dishes 'cos its so nice to stand in the kitchen and on the new floor, I wonder how long that will last but its good right now as its been over 2 years in the planing.
The fridge is out of its hole at the moment as I have just tiled that area and the glue needs to cure a while then there is the skirting board to fit and fix and a final coat of paint as I have been pre
painting all the trim before I fix it so now I have written that I can see there is more to do than I thought, but what I can see is that they won't be 8 hour days I have to work and after our recent storm there is a bit of cleaning up to be done outside, the big tree down the street sheds a lot of its branches during a good blow and while there are 2 houses between me and it we get a lot of its rubbish on our front lawn.