My blog is of my creations, My furniture, using wood I have collected from here and there, occasionally buying some to make up the difference.
My design is often based around what I have available.
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My Trade Mark

My Trade Mark
I'm into diamonds

Saturday, January 30, 2010

So this is one I put behind the sink at home, again it is green with gray on a white background.

A design I drew myself in true perspective, looks like its hanging of the wall, but it is flat and would be so easy to keep clean from all those splashes.

I have done a blue one and it is more mottled maybe best to just show it.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Now I have mentioned the green diamonds I want to show it.
They make great splash backs to the bathroom sink.

This has to be my favorite probably cos its the latest.
Its about 800mm diameter. And will look real good hung on a big wall.

I am learning how to get this blog thing going.
Now how about this.
This patten is in gray and white so the white blends with the background, imagine it the other way up, I did it in green and gray and that is cool.

I have some pattens I really want to share, they are of course water proof.

This looks so good in different lights it changes color.