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My Trade Mark
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Stringer

The stringer is a .6mm Tawa veneer in the center with 2.25mm Mahogany on either side then 1.2mm Tawa veneer then another 2.25mm Mahogany, the Mahogany seems very course and has taken a lot of filling with the two pot epoxy and I guess as it shrinks back there will be more filling to come but at the moment I just enjoy being able to look at the results.
The thoughts are of a 120mm wide skirt under the top of Tawa set back about 50mm then some angled legs in a better grade of Mahogany that pass in front of the skirt and finish under the top, I am wondering about a draw in the skirt, the front to have a matching inlay of stringing, there is not a lot of room so the draw would be small, maybe when I feel less crowded with projects it will come right.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another Preview

There is some excitement about a heat pump to help get us through the winter it has also demanded a little time in preparing the house for the installation, a little alteration in the carport to give more shelving in the garage/workshop and what could be more important.
However the Tawa top did get some attention it now has the stringing and an edging, it has a rough sealer coat of a two pot epoxy to help keep it stable, the unfortunate part of using this product is that it shows dark lines on the joints and I am torn between like and dislike of the dark lines.
The photos are taken without flash to eliminate any light reflection but I think definition suffers.
I would have liked more detail of the stringing to show But maybe that is another post.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Preview

This is the patten I had considered putting on the top of the chest of draws but the other one won the day, I have been itching to use this pattern but now I am not sure I like it side by side, it will get some stringing I have made around it before a final edge of Tawa to match the veneer, the stringing is Tawa and Mahogany, the legs of the table maybe Mahogany and there may be some stringing around the draw, it will be a bed side table one day.

I have plans to use this pattern one day as a panel in doors and maybe on the end of a unit I think I will have to match the veneers better I an sure there
could be better effect to be had, it is such fun experimenting.

Catching Up

I always wanted to show what the top of the chest of draws looked like, unless you are 6 feet or more tall it is unlikely that you would notice the top as it is at 1300mm high that is 4feet 4 inches for those who are still in feet and inches, for me it was the high light of the construction probably 'cos I had got tired of dealing with those draws I hate repetition so 6 draws was too much however as each draw is a different height they were not all the same, well the top was fun to make I enjoyed getting that round center to fit so well.
I put the mirror over the unit with the thought that I would see the top in the mirror but now I realise that as the mirror points ahead so
I can see myself I don't see the top at all, its all
about learning and I have a lot to learn and less
time to do it in.

The Exhibition

It has been a while since I was here, I got such a dose of the bot at that exhibition I feel as if I have only just come right but the cough is still there, I did get to the pool for a couple of swims a week ago so I must be better.

The exhibition was a success as in that I heard a lot of peoples comments but no dollars moved from their pockets to mine, I did have a learning experience with mounting a panel in a wrought iron gate something I would not have done had it not been for the show, I think people struggle with imagination as to how to use such panels, and its not time to experiment with their dollars.