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My Trade Mark
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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Time off

The laundry is finished, I need a break, so we are off to explore the road through to Gisborne State Highway 2 and have a look at Eastwoodhill Arboretum, its 200km and through a gorge following a river, its the end of May and a cold snap is over the country as we travel the road there is still frost on the grass at midday, we have a brief look at Gisborne then find accommodation for the night its boutique so one stand alone unit next to a house amongst the avocado trees there is a spa pool so I soak a while before we head out to eat.
Eastwoodhill is good but cold amongst those big trees, we had seen some dog trials so headed back to warm in the sun and enjoy the dogs and owners competing, a very competent pair I had watched seemed willing to divulge that the dog had been in training for 5 years it was 6 years old (sorry no photos), this road State Highway 2 is such a pleasant road to travel being a mixture of citrus orchards grape vines and sheep farming for the first few flat klms then its into the hills and following the river and the river got bigger and the hills higher we had the time so letting those past who just wanted to get to a destination I enjoyed the views we stopped at this relic of a bridge that in years long ago took 3 families to their farms, its the Tauranga Bridge and when I look it up on Google Earth there is no wonder farming was not possible in those hills, it must have been disheartening to travel past all that flat land from Opotiki then try and farm in those hills.
We had a good couple of days, the paint on the door frames I painted before we left is now well dry and I feel safe closing the doors on the laundry and hot water cupboard, that's 2 rooms finished. 


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mostly finished

The pantry is operational the fridge has a permanent home, the doors are painted as is the wall.
The shelves are a melamine faced MDF with a white formica edging glued on with pva, it was a slow process but now its finished well worth the effort, the shelves are sat on a steel bracket system so they are adjustable but look good to me as they are, there is another shelf high up not seen in the photo that we have all the chutney on, I had to put ply on the floor to cover up the old floor I don't like leaving old flooring in but in this case I had little choice and the new ply creates a rebate that the doors fit to making it mouse proof (I hope) as we have had a few around the house popping up where there are gaps in the floors due to what I am doing, I created removable panels so I can access the back of the switch board.
There is a 80mm gap either side of the fridge that works fine as the doors are thick and need that space to open otherwise the fridge would have to sit out but as it is we can keep it back in the hole, the

ceiling is unfinished as is the floor and will remain that way for now, I have used a 38mm dia round corner to the gibboard that I like and am pleased with the outcome.
The feijoa tree in the back garden has been greatly reduced now and has been taken to the green waste tip, we have had so much fruit and will miss having it stewed each day on breakfast but then there is a freezer full of the pulp just waiting to be defrosted.
After our visitors have gone it will be back to the laundry and new windows and I can have one room complete.