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My Trade Mark
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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Measure twice cut once

I have measured the the sink bench many times during the planing and discuses the wheres and why
fors a few times too so there is little wonder that it fit so well as for how we find it to use only time will tell.
As for the aesthetics, up to now its good but as the photo shows  there is some missing, the upstand at the back is two pieces and the second piece is to be made next week, I will leave it loose as some day in the future I will make new cupboards so it will all have to be pulled out.

As I had the top sat out in the middle of the room I looked and thought is this the right size, at the time it was a real concern but now we know the result it was an unnecessary concern, of course it is so easy to get a measurement wrong so the measure and re measure is all worth the effort, the stainless at this stage had a protective film on it.

The roof has a few leaks, I am pleased we are having a dry spell, I have a bucket under one place I see that drips, one side of the roof looks very weak and I have decided it best to keep of it as I could
create more problems, I look forward to February when the roofers tell me they have time to replace the old iron and gutters, I have decided to strip the old paint and repaint before the roofers start, it does involve removing the gutters and a lot of hard work on a ladder, the years tell me the bigger the effort the bigger the reward so along with so many other jobs a little each day and it will be done.

Friday, January 9, 2015

No Window

The front of the garage has a new wall and no window, the wall space inside is useful and I would loose that space with a window there, now thoughts go to a garage door, it has been our Christmas break and everything closes but next week I will be able to start some action, the roof for the garage is on order so that should happen soon.
There are no photos of the fuse board but I have managed to replace all the old perished electrical wiring to the power outlets now the lighting wiring needs replacing and I am hoping that will be done when the roof is off for ease of access or that it will be cooler with the roof off as it gets so hot in the roof space in the summer.
The whole house has been water blasted where necessary, and now is the time to remove gutters and prepare the facings for some paint before the roofers start and want to put up new gutters.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Big Move

We moved.
We sold up in the big city.
We moved to a small town.
And best of all a project, the house was built early 1960 or maybe late 1950s and had extensions added in 1984.
The original house was well built using native timbers below the floor and real wood floors Tawa I think, the garage was dark and dank built of second hand material a long time ago, but had some very useable paint stored in it so two concrete block walls have been cleaned and painted a bright cream colour, the internal gutter that was very rusty, rotten and leaked  has been replaced and the capping over the top of the wall.
The wall cladding at the front was damaged and had been patched and re patched, once I had removed all the old cladding I realised the wall was not straight and in poor condition I didn't want the window so in short the wall came out too and was replaced with new framing and ply cladding, the rough wall to the left will one day be covered and a new garage door will complete the front, a new roof will sort out the leaks inside, luckily it is summer and while we do get rain it dries up quickly.

While the garage/mancave was being sorted I had to attend to plumbing that is old and playing up, with every movement of pipes rubbish that has built up inside them comes loose and creates more problems, so a new water main from the road is in order and will happen soon, I have drawings underway for a new bathroom but it has been holidays and I would rather be swinging the nail gun than getting a permit application ready.

There are problems with the kitchen sink bench the taps leak and the bench top is swelling up from being wet, stainless steel I think and was lucky enough to come across a very nice double sink unit with drainer for less than half price 'cos of damage so I fixed one damage and the other will not be seen once its welded into a big top this photo shows the MDF base for the stainless to be fixed to leaning against the newly painted garage wall.

Every time I opened the letter box water that was sat somewhere would flow in and soak the mail, the letter box was situated very close to where the new water pipe will be dug for so a replacement seemed necessary and as I had spent my quota for the day I made my own number 9 from a piece of flat sheet aluminum, the roof was the leftover of the gas bottle locker roof with some modifications.

We had got lucky one wet day in Auckland as we sheltered from the rain in the appliance shop, I had told the salesman no we were just looking but then bought a box damaged gas stove we had been eying for 6 months and shipped it with us to the new house, so out with the electric and in with the gas, the local plumber was very quick but said I had to protect the regulator on top of the bottle from the weather so I was prompted to get onto it, the ply was leftover from a floor repair I made in a bedroom I decorated for my sons Christmas stay, the bedroom is not completed as the new bathroom has some impact on that bedroom.