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My Trade Mark
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Friday, November 15, 2013

Pleased I made the effort

I so much wanted to have a go at rose corners, I wanted to use that piece of mirror, to give it new life, the strips of Zabrano veneer were sat in the cupboard screaming to be let out and be seen.
Of all the router cutters I have nothing would give me that V and round on the inner molding, I achieved it by putting the circular saw on a 45 degree then a lot of careful hand sanding.
I did get a little confused about how the corners would be orientated but luck was on my side and all ended better than I would have imagined.
The photos are taken after being lacquered and with the mirror in place, I layered it on the floor so the reflection is of the ceiling with the sun coming through the window, it would have been easy to have toes and hands holding camera in the photo, its a fact of life that in a photo it looks to be diminishing but in reality our eyes adjust and we see a real square so make allowances for the photo.

If there is one place MDF board is good it is as a stable backing for veneer, I did veneer the back too so there is even tension to avoid any risk of bending and now with those edges glued on there is no MDF to be seen.
The overall size is 1150 mm high and 750 mm wide the glass is 4mm so it has become heavy and I will reluctantly use 4 mirror brackets to fix it to the wall, I hate putting holes in the walls but then I can't have it stood on the floor.