My blog is of my creations, My furniture, using wood I have collected from here and there, occasionally buying some to make up the difference.
My design is often based around what I have available.
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My Trade Mark
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Friday, February 26, 2010

Those windows

It has been a while, the knife block is finished, and one window now has a sill flashing, the other window is now out and boarded, up the window awaits reassembly, I have been pre painting the jamb liners as a precaution against them getting wet and the water soaking up the wood as happened before, I have glued the miter together with a biscuit in there, now I have the 2nd window out I can see why when it rained the floor inside had started to swell so all in all the exercise is worth the effort now I will feel more comfortable during those winter months.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This week 8th Feb to 12 Feb

A couple of windows in the front of the house need taking out and a sill flashing putting underneath but I'm lazy about starting so its on with a knife block I drew up some time ago, I found some Tawa a N Z native and I have some Jarrah so the contrast will be nice the Jarrah is old so a few shakes have developed, I glued some together and spun them on the lath tomorrow I will split them and put some saw cuts in for the knives then insert another piece of Tawa to give me an oval.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Totara Draw Chest

This 6 draw unit is 1300mm high not including the mirror and 900mm wide the draws are graduated.
The legs are New Zealand Kauri and all the other timber is Totara.
The original design came from WoodCentral an article by Richard Jones thank you very much Richard.
The top has a very nice pattern that includes a burr, all the burrs in the draw fronts were booked to keep some continuity and show off as much burr as I could without overdoing it.
I used vacuum pressure to laminate the fronts.
The Totara was from a house renovation in Auckland it was covered in years of paint and thick of nails when I finaly rescued it from being sent to the timber recycling yard, I wasted a lot of the timber in the process of creating this as I didn't want to show a lot of nail holes.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Matai dresser with Jarrah inlays

This is one one of two I made, Matai is a native New Zealand tree and the timber I was offered was very dry having been stored for a long time under someones house, the Jarrah (inlay) was taken from a beam that had been taken out of a building in Auckland that was built about 1884 Jarrah is an Australian timber, the dresser is about 3 years old now and is changing color slowly over time.