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My Trade Mark
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Sunday, April 20, 2014

An Oak Table

A finished table, that is apart from being disassembled for the man to lacquer it and then the reassembly that will include gluing some of it together.
The picture here is of it at its smallest being 1500mm long and 1040mm wide, the middle section is a fixed item and the 2 end leaves slide apart for the butterfly wing extensions to fold out.
   The 2 halves of the butterfly wing extension are hinged with a Soss type hinge and pivot on a aluminum tube, the apron pieces are hinged and the one that hangs down underneath is held up with a magnetic catch.

The runners for the sliding top are full extension and a bit heavier than normal but there is still movement / flex in the extension leaf when it is open, I would have liked it to have been less flex but I guess it is to be expected from moving parts.

   There are two of these extensions so we have a choice of 3 table sizes the smallest as mentioned earlier being 1500mm then with one extension being 1870mm and when both butterfly wings are open 2240mm, we don't have 8 chairs but some may like to stand and admire.