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My Trade Mark
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Friday, February 7, 2014


In New Zealand over this summer period we have a few days holidays, in past years I have spent more time on the local beaches but with a table top looking so good and the thought of machined timber stood there ready to be glued I had to get on with it, some of it was starting to have a mind of its own and taking on an unwanted shape.
In the photo I have 2 pieces of a bat wing extension in the vacuum bag, I am gluing on the backs, in the foreground there are the other 2 pieces ready to go in when the first 2 come out of the vac bag, it is warm here at the moment so the epoxy cures enough in about 4 hours, once these backs are on I will PVA the borders on using cramps as I have more control in getting tight joints, these panels were cut at 7mm X 73 wide and glued together in sets of 3 so I could still get them through my thicknesser then one more joint and I have a panel of 6 pieces X 6.3mm, these panels will be hinged together with 2 Soss type hinges.
These 3 panels will be the table without the bat wings, they have been through a drum sander so are now all a very consistent thickness of 24.3mm and with the backs glued on they should be around the 30mm size, they look a bit milky now probably a lot to do with the cross sanding and the light as I took the photo, I expect it to look different when sanded and some lacquer on them but do wonder if the contrast of the boards will be so obvious but then it is natural wood and would look too like plastic if it was perfect, and if I tell myself that then it is all good.
There is going to be an inlayed edging to these panels, it is still to be made so there is still plenty of excitement around the corner.