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My Trade Mark
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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Doors but not in Boats

I finished making kitchen cupboard doors a while ago now they only need sanding and taking to someone who will lacquer them, I intend to sand with some fine paper that will create fine dust and I hate the stuff it makes my nose run and gets in the clothes, it is a tedious job so would not want to do them all at one time but its the best way to get the job over and done with, I know the more effort I put in the better the outcome so its a state of mind thing and not rushing will prove best in the end.
Building a boat is more fun than sanding doors and we had a show to be ready for, we had lots of oooo's and haaaaar's at the show but no one wanted to buy it so it is to be finished for my use now, I bought a 5m length of light glass cloth and with epoxy I have covered the outside of the boat so it is well water proofed and a bit stronger too, now I have the gunwale to do the same with but I come back to that sanding thing and need to sand off the excess glue that ran down when glassing the top sides, the epoxy dries very hard and the wood at the side by comparison is soft so its easy to make a mess when attempting this job and have hollows in the wood and leave lumps of hard epoxy but again with dedication and patience I will do this one day soon 'cos I want to get on and finish the boat.
I didn't want to run away from the sanding, its spring the weather is fine and warm and a cycle ride calls, I have wanted to do the dunes trail the first part of the Motu Trail ever since we arrived in Whakatane and now is the time, its 10km each way so we had lunch at the end in a shelter by a river, we were about 4 hours and that included an hour for lunch and lots of photo stops, this bridge is at Opotiki where the trail starts and where our house guest hired her bike from it was a most satisfying day and now I'm ready to sand.