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My Trade Mark

My Trade Mark
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Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Lot of Bits

I took my time setting up to cut the diamonds and as a result it looks like I have a positive outcome. The picture shows the cramping block I made being used with 4 cramps on it, it shows all the loose diamonds ready for gluing together and in the back ground the first few hexagons I have glued together, most of the pieces are 10 mm thick a few are 18 mm thick, as I glue up the hexagons I am gluing a thick paper to the back I intend to glue a thick paper to the front then split the hexagons in half so I will have twice as many, I may get 2 tables out of this.
I am finding I have a discrepancy over the 3 widths of .1 of a mm, I am also finding if I put 2 hexes together a 3rd is not the snug fit I would have liked into the recess, there is a long way to go yet and it’s a lot of pieces there could be some sweat over this one, so when I say positive outcome I think it could have been worse

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Waste not

I have had a bucket of teak off cuts in the garage for about 6 years, another boat job its waste from the deck.

As a lot of it is narrow and short I can only see myself joining lots of pieces together, I have long thought of a hexagon table but with smaller diamonds hence a lot more of them, see the July 2010 post I have made 3 tables using different timbers the diamonds are about 85mm wide this time I am thinking 45mm wide so that is about 90mm over the hexagon as is the sample I have made.
I can see the challenge is going to be getting each hexagon accurate enough so any inaccuracy does not compound itself. 
I so much wanted to post a video of the computer desk but it would seem it was too big to publish.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

A finished work of art

What started of as using up a piece of left over wood has become a feature of the room.

The curved piece of Mahogany on the front edge of the desk top was left over from a boat building job and I just had to find a use for it, the patterns on the end of the desk was something I had seen in a newspaper and was longing to use somewhere, the veneer on the draw fronts would have been thrown out and there was no waste what so ever as I made the draws to fit what I had, some of the European Beach was free, but still I have spent about $1000 on this piece and a lot of time. I am thinking of a slide out keyboard table to match the top it will have the same banding to the edge and maybe a mini version of the pattern that is on the top. I would also like to put a tray in one of the deep draws, it is the sewing materials draw so it could be just for the cottons and pins, it all sounds a bit obsolete these days.