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My design is often based around what I have available.
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My Trade Mark

My Trade Mark
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Monday, December 5, 2011

An on going dream

I saw this patten some time ago and just had to give it a go, I now have two of them, and am thinking two more to use as end panels to the desk, I think I can see a European Beach and Mahogany piece developing.

Time to play

The banding bug has got me, the larger banding was put together with material that I have laying around screaming at me to be used, and that is the excuse for lack of contrast it is about 40mm wide and I have made about 6 meters of it, I just had to buy a thicknesser to move forward so the smaller banding is made with the intention of using it in a desk around a curved front top edge it will be capped on either side with laminated Mahogany, it is 27 mm wide, I have cut the first piece at 2.5 mm thick so with some luck and skill I may manage about 3 meters in length.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Adding character.

The top photo was taken of the west side of the house before I installed the new roof, the far window is a bedroom window and the near one is the lounge window, the roof I made as a single unit then lifted it into place and fixed with a little trim added to complete.
I am so happy with the end result, I did make some components for a second one as I made the first one so one day there will be a twin over the lounge window.
The difference in the color is the time of day, the first being a cold early morning as the sun rose on the other side of the house the pics below are more the true color as the sun set in the west .
The trim is needed


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Feast or Famine

Roof window
Its not an excuse for the lack of postings during the last 2 months, its not even a promise to post more often, it's just feast or famine and today its a feast.
I have a window in the roof I suspect it leaks a little, the sun belts in and cooks the house during summer, the weather boards on either side of the window were not painted prior to being installed and were showing signs of age, so holiday job, remove all boards and replace with new well painted ones, I had removed and rebuilt the window over the previous 2 months, the idea of a roof over this window and some of the other windows around the house has whirled around in my head for a long time now so this is the chance to give it a go.
The material to use for the roof was in some ways easy, stainless steel, no fuss, long lasting, quick, the brackets to hold up the roof was also easy, a nice curve mortise and tenoned into the vertical and rafter all pre-made and painted over the last 2 months, in fact it was all pre-made and has preoccupied my head for 2 months now, no it's not an excuse for not updating the blog for the last 2 months.
Happy New year

A change of directions.

Model 2

Many years ago after I had left home and moved away I needed an ironing board so the best way was to make one and casting my mind back I remembered the one my mother had but of course to copy it was not so easy from 13000 miles, well I got there, maybe not perfect but it has worked for 25 plus years, now my son wants a sturdy ironing board so I say yes a chance to improve on what I have, well I should have drawn it in both perspective's  but any way here it is in working order. 

Better late than never.

Best wishes for 2011.

The Inlay table has been finished a while and
what started as an experiment with the pattern on the top and the string inlay has proved to be something I want to look at so the old formica top table will remain by the bed, I am pleased I made the effort to give the legs a taped look in there thickness, and am now thinking there are so many possibilities in the use of the string inlays.
The lighter wood is New Zealand tawa the legs are a sapele 1mm veneer and the inlay is tawa and I think a mahogany.
It was given a coat of satin lacquer professional.