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My Trade Mark
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Monday, March 6, 2017

No time to lay in the sun

Once more we have a big hole in the house and outside the house the drain layers came and did what drain layers do best, I had dug the hole for them and was pleased that I had managed to dig it in the right place, things are happening fast now, I have had 2 visits from a local council building inspector and have been informed that I can continue and finish the whole job with one more inspection at the end.
During the digging of the hole I removed a Yacca tree stump and was surprised it is not very deep so removed a second one and found it fun as it is hard to stop them sprouting new shoots, yesterday I removed a third one the one you see in the photo there were 6 planted some years ago so I am half way to being rid of them.
I ground the heads off all the nails holding down the floor, a long difficult job, doing my best not to damage the floor around the nail head then I was able to lay on my back under the floor and slowly ease all the flooring up off the nails with the least amount of damage, since then I have selected the best pieces and cut them to length also plugging the holes that I won't be using to fix the floor back down, the floor joist where I am standing has been removed and replaced with 2 cut to shape to take the shower tray ( the shower tray is made and ready to come home), we have decided to have under the house insulated while there is easy access to get the stuff down the hole, so I spent a day under the house removing the old tin foil insulation much of it torn from plumbing and electrical activities over these
past 2 years.
Now we have much more than this, here we have a new ceiling, some framing to cantilever the hand basin from and one wall a more recent photo would show plumbing pipes under the floor and more new walls, yesterday I removed the old toilet that was in a cupboard in the bedroom only to find it had leaked years ago and the floor is rotten, the floor that goes under the cupboard walls so decision is made to remove the cupboard replace the floor and we have gained a bigger room, I was going to use the cupboard as a second wardrobe but have now increased the wardrobe size on the end of the bathroom.
Windows are due on the 21st and electrical work will be done this week, No time to lay in the sun.    

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Hot and Busy

Its our hottest time of year, we have touched 30 degrees and there is not enough rain.
We have 3 of these ranch sliders into the house, the sun belts into this one and they all condensate at times during the year so I didn't want carpet hard up to the aluminum, I have replaced the damaged flooring with tanalised ply then a layer of slate and tile underlay before fixing these tiles, well I have done 2 of the 3 doors.
I have finally submitted the plans to council for a second bathroom it will be an en-suite to a bedroom with toilet, shower and hand basin, the room started its life as a small 3rd bedroom many years ago
before the extension bedroom was added, it will now become wash room and passage way or just a bedroom and en-suit leaving the other bathroom for use by the other bedroom occupants.
I have stripped it back to just wood work, the ceiling was damaged from years of roof leaks the walls were old poor quality gib board wall paper on wall paper then painted, well its all gone now, and now there will be wiring to go in the walls for heater and towel rail for lights and pipes for this and that.
During the stripping of the walls I came across this wasp nest I was lucky that it was a long time dead and while I did try to clean it out much of it is unreachable so I removed what I could but much of it remains just out of reach even with the vacuum cleaner, the black cable is the main feed to my switch board from the meter box outside, the wasp nest is above the soffit on the south side of the house.
The bath room while a different shape to the other one will be along the same theme and I hope that in 10 weeks it will be all done at we have some one coming to use the room, should I panic, or just carry on and enjoy the sun when it shines.  

Monday, January 30, 2017

I Can See The Finish Line

Ho no not the finish line, then what will I do?
Yes I can see the finish line if the kitchen re build, the last few days have been exciting as its what I like doing, I decided to put the skirting on top of the vinyl and I like to get most of the paint on before I fix them in place then touch up later with a final paint I figer I save making dust in the house while we live in it, I always knew the round corners to the gib board would mean round skirting boards so many months ago I made a bunch of corner blanks this is one of the first ones as then I realised I needed a tighter grain wood so used Rimu a native to NZ I found a old strong piece I had pulled out of the house somewhere, I used a hole saw to cut out that inside radius before I glued the pieces together, the straight skirting is 90mm X 10mm pine that NZ imports from Chile yes with all our pine forests and our pine exports we import skirting from Chile, here is the main wood working tool for the job and without it it would be difficult as it involves what at times seems to be endless trips into the garage to take one more bit off I also used a angle
grinder to grind the back out so only the top edge needs fitting, the big one is made of 7 pieces of wood and the smaller one uses 4 pieces, once they are well painted and dry I give them a quick sand outside before I bring them inside and glue them in place later I fill and gaps before one final sand with a vacuum running and paint, some where in there I would get a light sealer paint over any filler before the top coat.
I think I have done 9 of these corners now and do feel as if I have worked out how to do them, I think the trick to success is to take off less during the fine fitting as one more trip out to the garage to remove a bit more is better than removing too much and having to start again as that would lead to 20 more trips to the garage and a long delay.
I do have some tiles to lay inside the ranch slider before I complete the trim around the door frame, then I can hang the last curtain in this area of the house, I wonder if that means wallah before I move into another area of the house, before that I have some coffins to finish.  

Sunday, January 22, 2017

On the home straight

Or is it the last lap.
Most of the floor is finished so it is feeling complete now, I do have a number of small jobs to do and still a bit of flooring to lay, right now I want to go wash dishes 'cos its so nice to stand in the kitchen and on the new floor, I wonder how long that will last but its good right now as its been over 2 years in the planing.
The fridge is out of its hole at the moment as I have just tiled that area and the glue needs to cure a while then there is the skirting board to fit and fix and a final coat of paint as I have been pre
painting all the trim before I fix it so now I have written that I can see there is more to do than I thought, but what I can see is that they won't be 8 hour days I have to work and after our recent storm there is a bit of cleaning up to be done outside, the big tree down the street sheds a lot of its branches during a good blow and while there are 2 houses between me and it we get a lot of its rubbish on our front lawn. 

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Second lap to a new kitchen

I think making the kitchen was the first lap, with the house to myself for 10 days it was time to demolish the ceiling then using steel battens bring it down to match the lounge ceiling, I also re positioned the lights, it amounted to about 20m2 but only 5 sheets of gib board the longest being 4m long and 4 sheets at 3m long, this part of the house is an addition to the original house so was built using gauged pine, there was non of that awful insulfluf I have uncounted in the old part of the house and I managed to leave most of the insulation in place.
I also installed a window then replaced the gib board to the outer wall to the right of this photo is the new wiring for kitchen stove, bench top power outlets and the difficult range hood power outlet including pre fixing the range hood the original had been taken through the wall but it was not an option with this type so I had to do some careful brickwork outside then remove the soffit and install the ducting to come down and out of the soffit, the walls inside are higher than the soffit so the roof is very near the wall top and a tight fit for the ducting making it a challenge.
The ceiling is done and the outer wall, come the new year we will eat outdoors while I rip out the kitchen there is still a lot to do.   

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

On the starting blocks

I have spent the winter in preparation and now feel that my feet are in the starting blocks of the kitchen rebuild.
The last post showed the wall alteration to take this new window and now we have a window we can see out of, the window next to it will be replaced too before the end of the year so it will look much the same as the new one you see here.
The next step is to replace the whole kitchen ceiling and I plan on starting that very soon I can see 2 weeks work as it is about 6m X 3.5m and involves lighting to the kitchen dining area, there are 2 more windows and one sliding door to install then I can get on with lining the walls before I install the cupboards I made over the winter months.
I am pleased this is not a race I am in the starting blocks for as I can see it being February and still not finished I would also like to take my time and enjoy the journey so lets throw in a few weeks more and aim for the end of march when we think about vinyl layers doing their bit.   

Sunday, October 23, 2016

It Happens Eventually

There is a lot of story about how this top came to be and most of it is written about in previous posts, here it is still in the garage but sat on a finished cupboard unit ready to go in the house for storage till the kitchen is ready for it, in my bones I can feel the day approaching that I will drag it to its permanent home, before that there is a lot to do.
I have ordered 3 new windows and one sliding door that have to be installed there is a ceiling to be replaced and walls to be relined.
This long window with an obscure glass did not fit the style of the house, this area inside the house was dark and while the view out is nothing I did want the light, upon investigation I discovered there was a window here when the house was built in the 1960s and was changed to this narrow window when the house was extended in 1984, I worked out how big I could make the new one to rescue enough bricks to brick up the bottom part so the end result looks like no change has been made, it has been a dusty experience but rewarding in that I was unsure I could be successful.
The Manz Shed I am a member of has talked about a coffin club for 2 years and it has been all talk, I elected to make it action, In August I bought the first material in September we sold 2 and here we are into making our 4th and 5th coffins, the plan is to have people buy them and decorate them before they need them, this is a way to bring the whole subject back into peoples control and have some fun and social activity too, I hope I am right in being able to see a group of people having fun painting and decorating their own coffins with the help of friends, as I see it happening in Rotorua, do a google search for rotorua coffin club to see what I mean.