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Monday, September 28, 2015

Projects end and start

I have been wanting to make one of the round corners for the skirting and the hall way was my opportunity, I started by gluing a few 20mm pieces together to form a block as a way to give it strength then used a hole saw to cut the internal radius then used the drop saw set on the 45 deg to cut the outer faces with the bench saw set to 10mm I cut the inside faces the outer radius was achieved on a disc sander it then had to be fit to the shop bought skirting and that was the difficult part, the corner has a long leg on it so it was not such a small piece to handle and the shape on the top was put on by hand with a lot of sanding, I had painted the walls first so it was all done very gently then pushed into place on some glue and a final touch of paint, I think I have 7 of these to do and now I have done one I don't want to do any more????
I finally had a window delivered and could get on with laminating the jamb I had to do it in 2 pressings as the long side of the window is 2560mm and my vac bag sheet is 2.4m so it went corner to corner and just fit, I have used a .8mm plastic laminate with a dotty type pattern its nice its easy to clean and no painting required I used biscuits in the corners with epoxy.
It was good to be putting paint on the walls and fixing the wardrobe permanently in place, the totara draws I made so many years ago seemed to be perfect for the space in the middle, then some curtains  and all that remains is the bed needs making, we would like to see more of the wood floor but the carpet is warmer when getting in and out of bed and we see enough to know that it is all real wood.
My mind had been on the outside the roof over the back door it also extends over the ranch slider to the bedroom so on those warm nights we are able to leave the door open and if it rains, well it can, the cedar beam I showed a few posts back I cut into 4 pieces and are fixed to the facing below the gutters I have strengthened the area behind the facing as the wind could do damage lifting this, in the photo the whole roof is in the garage on the floor having the corrugated polycarbonate sheeting fixed and cut to length, since this photo it has been disassembled for painting before it is reassembled in place, I didn't have a firm plan when I started this just an end picture in my head so the details have grown as I have gone along and that I can tell at the moment I am pleased with the look, it has
involved more in the painting, the pieces that are not exposed to the weather are being oiled and will show the grain the pieces that will get the sun and rain are to be white to avoid any heat absorption, its the heat that makes the timber move and the paint to crack then the water gets in, this nice rolled purling end is designed to shed the rain so it won't travel back along it and onto the oiled cedar.
I will endevour to show pictures from underneath when it is in place.