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My Trade Mark
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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Much of the same, progress.

I was going to take photos of all the rubbish I had collected and was destined for the rubbish dump the carport had gib board and ceiling fibrous plaster stacked along the side and bags of old insulation making it difficult to get a car in the unfinished path at the right was piled up with old timber.
I borrowed a trailer from the lady who likes to take the old wood for her fire and did a run to the tip with the stuff in the carport then loaded the wood onto her trailer it was then I thought of a photo, it was then when it decided to rain and she arrived to take the trailer away, but look how tidy it is now, don't look deep into the carport
it is all wood that I may need one day.
The deck is also looking well dressed with covers on the 2 chairs I made, I have used cable ties to pull the covers tight as the rope that was provided was useless at getting any tension in the fabric.
With all the sun and now a few days rain the garden is growing well with a steady supply of lettuce and the odd strawberry there are courgette almost ready and more to follow a few tomatoes and probably more I don't see, the best part is the abundance of  flowers on the passion fruit and judging by the fruit already formed we are in for some tasty treats so it is best not to complain about our wet spell as this fruit likes its water.
The rubbish I took to the tip was from the corner bedroom it had been the store room, an unused bed, unopened boxes, or things that we just don't need, it is a place to dump stuff as I deal with other rooms but as the ceilings I have replaced are so nice I was itching to get on and do this one too (I am waiting for a window and door for the lounge the two closest in the photo) then I will want to replace that window too as it is the one with the strange looking narrow panel of glass the new one will have a large glass panel and one opening sash then the front of the house will be complete.
I think I can see the end of this whole house upgrade but then I can also see a lot that needs to be done before I get to that stage so maybe its just a feeling of confidence that in a year I have come this far and in another year I think it will be looking a whole lot more finished.