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My Trade Mark
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Thursday, May 15, 2014

With room for the Saturday newspaper.

That was the aim, to have room for the toaster the marmalade the coffee and the newspaper, in this picture the table is open by one extension and that is the panel under the laptop.
The polisher had the table in bits for a week and when it came home I glued the 2 curved rails together in the middle and reassembled the rest, so should we ever need to move it it can be in bits within half an hour. 

Here we see the table with one of the extensions being opened out, the leaves locate on the biscuit type lugs also note the apron piece with a biscuit for locating.

And some of the details, the keys have to stay in the locks unfortunately but as they are out of the way and mostly unseen who will know, the locks push in to lock the sliding leaves in both positions.
Now thoughts turn to chairs and a means to have them look like a set, and the possibility of it happening before the table gets old.