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My Trade Mark
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Saturday, March 12, 2016

8 M3 Concrete

It all happened so fast, I had 2 quotes and chose one after some refinements, they phoned on the Monday morning to say they would like to take a walk around with a forman and get started.
There were a couple of small cuts to make in the concrete and some boxing to place, in the afternoon they got the bobcat here to lift out the old foot path and scrape away the grass and topsoil down to 160mm.
I was also having the footpath crossing and the first 2m of the driveway replaced all in all it amounted to 82 m2 of new concrete most of it at 100mm thick so in total 8 m3.
On Tuesday it was a tidy up and laying a hard fill base course that was compacted to an exact surface to allow for 100mm of concrete on top, I wanted the water / rain to drain away onto the grass and not back to the house as previous to this work it was pooling under the house in heavy rain, in the afternoon the steel mesh was cut and put in place all ready for an early start with concrete on Wednesday morning, by the end of Wednesday both front and back were finished the front to a nice brush finish the back was retarded and washed to give an exposed aggregate look, the concrete has small river pebbles in it so the effect is smooth under bare foot.
I was kept busy with decking while this was all happening so all the deck is now finished including handrails and privacy screens, the camera ran out of battery and this is the last photo I took, I am undecided whether to leave the wood bare or give it a coat of treatment.
I am so happy with the look and the result of the work I have put into this project it was well worth exploring what we could do to get away from the original design, the only short boards in the deck are where we have to have access to drainage otherwise they are all long lengths with minimal joints.