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My Trade Mark
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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Fun with a router

I have been making one kitchen cabinet a week and now have 3 made, that is 3 made without doors they will come later.
With 3 in the garage the work area it is getting tight for space so it seemed logical to install this one and what a boost it gives me to see something fixed in the house or more to the point another eye sore ripped out as the steam from the rice cooker was taking its toll on the doors.
This cupboard has an additional shelf for the cups that are in daily use it is narrow so we don't loose any bench space.
The ends will eventually have painted panels to cover up the screw heads and the wood panel above will be painted to match the walls.
I have used HPL glued with PVA on all the edges it is a bit of a slow job doing this but I think a better option than anything else with the curves I had to make an accurate mold to press it with till the glue dried and in this photo I show the mold and a strip of HPL I used.
Yesterday was our shortest day and whilst it has not been too cold yet it very wet, now some of the trees are telling us that no longer need there leaves, the silver birch is now naked and the maple is putting on a most splendid view for us its not only the leaves on the tree but those on the ground sure make a statement as I look out our front window. 

Saturday, June 11, 2016

The short days of winter

Because I start later in the morning I finish earlier in the afternoon, after all its winter, but still there is progress to be seen, here are the 2 units that will be put under the stainless steel top we had made when we first moved here, the right hand unit is longer than presently in the house as we shall not install a dish washer.
I have used a ply board with high pressure laminate (HPL) for the construction and gluing HPL on the edges the draws are a metal sided runner with a 16mm bottom and back.
I have 2 more units to build one that will be mounted on the wall above the right hand one shown here the other will be under the compass rose top both of these will take longer as both are more complicated and winter days are short.
The pile of Rimu wood shown in the last post is destined to be the doors of these units so in the past week I have created a lot of sawdust trying to cut around the defects, the defects are such that I thought I was short of wood and may yet have to glue some together to achieve the size I need or show some defects I am not keen on either of these avenues and as I look at these photos I realise I need draw fronts, they will certainly need to be glued together to obtain the required width, this photo shows the rimu awaiting further attention but I await better machine knives to arrive from the USA with the hope it will reduce the sanding I will have to do.