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My Trade Mark
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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Three Legs

 I have been some time putting these legs together and today I made the 6 legs into 3 legs, in order to be able to glue them together tight I have temporally glued blocks on cut at the correct angle to enable a cramp to pull them together, I have a biscuit in the joint and glued using epoxy with some brown oxide, with the legs being handed it requires 2 settings to do that 30 degree cut, eventually I will screw the top end to the back of the edge around the top.

I made the legs for the first Teak table from solid teak and it split a number of times and I did a lot of gluing bits back on I was not happy about the first ones so made it very difficult this time by laminating the teak around 3mm ply I of course had to clash the edges and the edge with the curve was the challenge as can be seen in the bottom photo.

I also have a nice taper on them being 10mm at the bottom to 20mm at the top, this time I went to the trouble of making a jig and
fed them through the thicknesser giving me a much better result than on the first table where I dropped the legs on the buzzer and went from nothing to a set depth.

I am pleased I have taken the time on this one and now intend putting a slight bevel around the top to take away the square look.