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My Trade Mark

My Trade Mark
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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Stamping my mark

I feel I have truly stamped my mark in the back garden, not only stamped my mark but also washed all the pebbles.
We decided these ornamental plants needed moving to make more room for the veges in the raised gardens, I wanted to be able to see them when I sit on the deck, A path to the washing line and outdoor water tap seemed a good idea and this is the end result.
The new concrete sheds a lot of water onto the grass when it rains and right where we walk to the washing line so it made sense for the path to become a soak hole, I dug it deep and buried all the concrete I found around the tree stump I removed in the front garden. 
The pebbles have been in the garden a long time, a lot of trees and plants had grown between them over the years so there was a lot of earth for the weeds to grow in, I made a big sieve to separate the pebbles from the earth then I washed the pebbles in a big plant pot, it has been a few day of steady work and a few nights of back/leg ache I am now pleased I got on with it as it is so much better to look at as I was annoyed with myself for leaving it unfinished after rebuilding the deck.
Now I have to find some edging stones to put around the pebbles then grass the area in front of the lemon tree, timing has worked out well, as well as slowing down my progress on the kitchen rebuild as spring approaches it must be the right time to sow grass seed.
A new planting of tomatoes for the summer season where the ornamental were will complete the job and allow the strawberries more room to grow. 

Monday, July 18, 2016

Trying to slow down

There are only 4 cabinets in the kitchen one is already fixed on the wall, this is the last one to be made, the draws are all made 4 in each side this one has a painted back on it and 2 doors on this side there will be a half round shelf under the compass point and a power outlet.
We are mid winter it is cold at night and 3 days of rain common so its no time to have holes in the house walls and no ceiling, we have a house guest who we need to cook for each day so we need an operational kitchen.
I am thinking I will wait till summer before I demolish the kitchen then we can cook, eat and do the dishes outside, I will isolate the kitchen from the house as it is a very dusty time pulling ceilings down and gib board from the walls, I can see a minimum of 2 weeks but more like 4 weeks before the kitchen is usable again, I have 8 doors for the cupboards to make, draw fronts to prepare, and some end panels to make and paint, but this is not 5 months work so what to do, our winter has some lovely days be they cold and short so working in the garden can be better than in the man cave.
I began by washing pebbles that had been in the garden for years and were more than pebbles, I removed a small tree stump and turned over the grass, by now its very sticky earth from all the water used in washing pebbles so I moved to the front garden to remove a tree stump for two days and what a rewarding 2 days now that it is all gone as we have some plant cuttings about ready for planting out, we get a lot of water run off from that concrete slab so I hope I have created a area for the water to go along with a dry path to the washing line when this is all covered with pebbles.
More photos soon to explain and show an end result.