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My Trade Mark
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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Draws Draws and Draws

I decided to put these draws on steel runners and of course they need room, I did think the draws were going to be small and by sacrificing 24mm in width I have kept maximum height in the draws, then I had to close off the gap that they create this I have done with a piece of Mahogany, the fronts will be veneered with a quilted Mahogany and edged with a 1mm veneer so the fronts will look solid Mahogany, the base is 3 thicknesses of 6mm bendy ply with a 3mm dress ply on the inside, this was layed up on a former using a vacuum bag.
It has been fun going through the process of attaching the fronts to the sides and keeping them all flush, now the challenge is to get that veneer on and be flush with the frame around the draws.
The end is neigh, I want to attach the handles with a biscuit so there are still some anxious moments to come. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I had to decide what to do on the draw fronts, the material I had and wanted to use I thought looked a little plain and needed connecting to the rest of the unit, I would normally finish a piece of furniture then go looking for some handles to compliment it, I did so want some pattern on the draw fronts so it had to be the handles, I wanted to be sure I could do this before I continued with the fronts so the handles had to be made first.
The one bottom right is a finished product I think, all the others have burn marks from the circular saw that will be sanded out sometime.