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My design is often based around what I have available.
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My Trade Mark

My Trade Mark
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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Old Mirror - New Mirror

I found some mirror some time ago, it has sat in the garage and I worry I will break it someday, so time to frame it and hang it on the wall.
I wanted an elaborate frame and have wanted to do rose corners, I have long narrow strips of Zebrano veneer for the sides so had to have some on the rose corner.
These blocks are 115mm square with the outer part being Rimu, old weather boards with the paint removed and the nail holes cut around, the light wood is European Beach and on top of that is Jarrah, the Jarrah is from a beam that was removed from a building that was built in the 1840s, both Zebrano and European Beach are left overs from jobs I have done in the past.
Between the corners will be moulded Rimu on either side of the Zebrano veneer.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Doing not much

I decided I had been too intense and needed to slow down, you know, take a walk, smell the roses,veg out and sleep in.
Then I look at the blog and think, I haven't been up to much recently and don't remember smelling the roses.
I stood and watched my other half knitting yet another hat and realised someone had been up to much, she tells me there are more and that 3 have found other heads to keep warm, I put them on the table to photo and couldn't resist including the compass point I put into the table years ago.
Back to the hats, I have become guardian of the black one as I like the patten, the patten is different on each one which is incredible clever I think as she has not had knitting needles in her hands for so long, and they feel just nice to hold. 

Then I realised I had been up to something.

The house has only ever had a shop bought number stuck on the letter box that at times we have colored up again with a felt tip pen so it became time to let the world know where number 16 is.
I cut the number about 3mm into the board of exterior ply using a router free hand, I had looked at fonts and decided on this one as I think it is informal.
I painted the groove first as it was then easy to roller on the lighter color last.
I have to dig a hole for a post as I intend to use the number to help hold up my rather wobbly letter box.

And there are lots of hats to keep number 16 warm during those long cold nights at the bottom of the drive.