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My Trade Mark
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Saturday, February 21, 2015

February 2015

It was a hard 3 days getting the roof off and back on but now just a distant memory though the pectoral muscle still aches from pulling nails, I must be okay I swam the usual 30 lengthen of the pool today the hot pool afterwords is sure welcome.
So the roof and all its capping s is complete along with the finial that indicates that this is Bobs Church, there is a new door on order and one day in the distant future the carport may get a make over, I had reduced the pile of rubbish but I see its collecting again.

The electrician has been in the house for 2 days and by the middle of next week all the old black rubber coated wiring will be out in that rubbish pile along with the old fuse board, when I was not needed to pull wires and screw in flush boxes I have been busy washing and cleaning light fittings along with pulling off gib board so we could run the new wires, today has seen part of the laundry floor join the rubbish pile I think all the floor will be replaced but what I pulled up today was rotten from long ago leaks it is also creating an opportunity to get close to the plumbing that needs a revamp so once the electrician is finished water piping could be next.    

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Much a Do

During the purchase of the new house and sale of previous home I did a lot of sitting about waiting for things to proceed, now I have soooooo much to do, its catch up time.
Here is the new sink bench top with its upstand  complete, some day in the distant future I will make new cupboards so the top will have to come out, when that all happens I will finish it all better around the window the details that probably don't show up too well on a photo.
The main water pipe coming onto the property was a galvanized steel pipe that had a thick rust coating inside it, I decided it needed replacing before the solar water heating started pushing water through its system that could damage it, the photo is of the trench dug and ready for its new pipe, we are having a very dry time and the ground is dry and hard which called for a lot of complaining from the 73 year old that dug it, I was very impressed and amazed it happened so quick, I did think I should have been digging it myself and not watching a 73 year old do it, but then I was up the ladder sanding and painting fascias.
The roofers came two weeks early, I had thought I had time to strip and paint all the fascias before they came but it was not to be, the roofers brought the whole roof on a trailer, the edge protection went up the day before, the chimney came down and we and we realised the roof was very uneven so some time was spent adding some strength to the area where the chimney was and straightening the area to the right of it, I was able to get in and place some insulation in areas that had been too hard to get to when the ceiling had been insulated, the whole roof was replaced in 3 days by 2 men, I am pleased we chose a light color, then the solar water installers informed me they had a space in there schedule and could be on the job very soon.

This panel has 20 tubes but due to the very sunny weather we are having I am getting far more hot water than I need so have put tape over 5 tubes at each end, in less sunny conditions I will rotate the tubes so more of them will be used to produce the heat, in this system the tubes contain a liquid that heats up and heats a small pipe that protrudes into the box at the top the water we use passes through that box and is warmed as it passes across, there is no tank on the roof we have a 270 liter tank in the house.
This is the new cupboard I created for the new cylinder it in the corner of the lounge and accessible from the hallway.

Its a very busy area and I am in the process of forming shelves in the space that is left in the cupboard the door will open into the cupboard so its all a tight squeeze.
While we have such fine weather the garage roof is now being replaced I elected to do it myself so it will not happen as quick as the house roof , I am hoping 3 days will see it water proof with only the capping left to fix when I get them, the rubbish bag on the roof is full of what I pulled off today you can see the new roof behind the bag, the roofing sheets are on the ground and the ridge capping in the foreground along with the old sink bench and other rubbish, notice the light color new roof on the house and a view of the solar system.
I seem to be leaving every job half finished so at sometime I will have to come back and do some catching up, no time for sitting about.