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My Trade Mark
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Sunday, January 22, 2017

On the home straight

Or is it the last lap.
Most of the floor is finished so it is feeling complete now, I do have a number of small jobs to do and still a bit of flooring to lay, right now I want to go wash dishes 'cos its so nice to stand in the kitchen and on the new floor, I wonder how long that will last but its good right now as its been over 2 years in the planing.
The fridge is out of its hole at the moment as I have just tiled that area and the glue needs to cure a while then there is the skirting board to fit and fix and a final coat of paint as I have been pre
painting all the trim before I fix it so now I have written that I can see there is more to do than I thought, but what I can see is that they won't be 8 hour days I have to work and after our recent storm there is a bit of cleaning up to be done outside, the big tree down the street sheds a lot of its branches during a good blow and while there are 2 houses between me and it we get a lot of its rubbish on our front lawn. 

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