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My Trade Mark
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Friday, September 29, 2017

All the wonders of my world

It has been a wet winter and spring is no different, there are some advantages however, I have never known a rainbow stay in the sky for so long and a double one at that, it was visible for 20 min's I guess right outside my kitchen window.

I took on the refurbishment of 2 chairs one had a broken top, they are old and well used having been covered twice well I took off 2 covers and found a thick wad of dry grass as well as springs under the covers, in each joint there is 3   12mm dowels so not a lot of wood between the dowels and all the glue was dry so had let go and the chair was able to wobble whilst still held together, I didn't break the back of the chair apart but did put new dowels in the front legs and where the rails meet the back legs then the big corner glue blocks, this photo is a before and after shot, the front legs were put on the wood lathe and sanded clean however the old stain has penetrated the wood so its impossible to get it totally clean, I am thinking about 40 hours to get them to a stage to be refinished and I
think it took less than that to build them in the first place.
I was playing with this bowl wondering just how thin I could get the wood and cut right through the bottom there is a recess in the bottom to hold the bowl on the wood lathe so most of the bottom is about 8mm thick, the small block at the side I made today and will be made round on the lathe so the purple hart will become a circular stripe then it will be set in the bottom of the bowl to become a feature of significance and will match the table I showed in the previous posting, the bowl is cherry.

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  1. A rainbow like that must have a pot of gold under it, I wonder if you found any!?
    Those chairs are lucky to have found you as I am sure that you will make them look even better than when they first were made!