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My Trade Mark
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Thursday, June 22, 2017

I've finished and there's no sun

Its taken a while, and its not exactly what I had planed but flexibility and an open mind (an open mind is half way to happiness) are the pleasures of doing it for myself, that dark ply is some cheap stuff from Malaysia it has all sorts of flaws but I am able to tell myself it adds to the character of the look, I gave it one good coat of epoxy wood treatment and left it to cure well then a light sand (that veneer is thin) then a heavy coat or oil based polyurethane all while it was laid flat so as to avoid runs, the top is NZ Tawa, left over floor boards and matches the flooring in the
Its an en-suit bathroom so for 2 people so 2 draws and a cupboard, the draws go right to the back of the unit so are a pointed shape, I cut a 6mm X 40mm groove in the bottom of the draw and glued a 6mm X 40mm guide to the shelf the draw sits on, the groove is in the center of the draw so goes right to the back and the guide is tapered to the front.
I am so happy with the final result, it has cost me zilch as its all leftovers from the house reno.

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