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My Trade Mark
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Thursday, August 10, 2017

In a roundabout way the same but differant

The mirror frame is not yet on the wall.
I have accumulated a bit of wood for turning and have a big old lathe someone gave me, the last time I used it I broke a piece off the face plate, I consider the lathe not very good so have bought 2 more, one of them because it has some good tools and a 4 jaw chuck the other 'cos its heavy and has a good head and tail stock.
This is the first piece of significance to be produced, I think its cherry that someone gave me long ago so is well dry, the bowl is about 75mm high and about 200mm wide, I did have to glue up a few cracks but that is to be expected in my book.
There is a lot to learn about this wood turning and I am not sure where I will go with it, I feel some sort of need to glue wood together then turn it, a need to experiment with more than just spin lumps from a tree as I have done here, the half of tree trunk sat behind the bowl is not big enough to create a bowl so I wonder about cutting it up glue it back together then turn it, into what I have no idea.

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