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My Trade Mark
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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Good Progress Short Days

With so much to do the days are going by so fast, of course it being winter I don't want to be out in the man cave too early or too late in the day.
I seem to have done so much but its also very time consuming, the big curved panel stood here on the floor was pressed by vacuum on the mold I made, it has now been cut up to form the drawer fronts, I pressed it long ago it seems now but it had to be done first as it dictated what the curve of the front would be.
I wanted the drawer fronts to look as if they were dovetailed to the sides so the detail took some time to achieve and to me making more than one of anything takes a long time, I made 7 drawers.
The front legs were left off because I wanted to be able to sand the fronts flat and not do damage to the legs.
Once all the veneer panels are glued on I will start cutting and gluing the boarders around them, its a slow job as I have a limited amount of cramps, I also want to be very careful and be sure there are no mistakes.


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