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My Trade Mark
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Monday, October 28, 2019

Saueracker Shell

With the high of the win at the Woodskills I was itching to make something else impressive, I had seen this on The Canadian Woodworkers web site and not knowing how to do it I asked the question in return I got a detailed explanation, they said to carefully cut the yellow part from the main circle of wood that to me would leave too much gap so I went to the trouble of cutting an accurate small circle then with a carefully made pattern I cut out the hole in the larger piece allowing the smaller piece to rotate as was necessary, it was then mounted on the wood lathe and turned the first central dome once that was complete including sanding I stopped the lathe dismantled the small piece and rotated it 31mm fixed it in place remounted it on the lathe and turned the second area including sanding, dismantled, rotated, re fixed, remounted and turned the 3rd area and so on, so in total 5 turnings, I had some options then, I could have shaped the outer edge in a scallop form and rounded over the points I had tried so hard to preserve, I chose to do neither of these, just to stain it yellow and a spray with a rattle can.
It was about a 8 day process from gluing up the wide block of wood to the final spray.
The large circle is redundant now, useless, but people are telling me to use it, I like the yellow piece and would like to hang it somewhere I can see it.
I started the whole process thinking it would be a trial run and that

I would then make the real thing, it has turned out much better than I thought but would still like to do another.   

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