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Monday, September 30, 2019

Woodskills Exhibition 2019

The long awaited Woodskills Exhibition has been and gone now, I seem to have spent the whole year preparing for the show and it was well worth the effort that I made, the icing on the cake is the winning of first prize for my Chest of Drawers, the 2 pieces on the right hand side were my competition and while they were beautifully thought out and and a lot of skill put into them both deserving to win, my Chest of Drawers was the only true piece of furniture having said that I would be very happy to have the table in
my lounge and the garden bed /chair out on my lawn.

The whole weekend was such a buzz, meeting so many people with such talent plus all the visitors who came to talk with me and take photos of the Chest of Drawers, if I had a dollar for every stroke of the top and every photo I would be rich.

I hope this link will take you to the correct place but it may take a
few days for the photos to show up
These are the other pieces I put in the show the first 2 being in the Pinus Radiata category, the donut with hanging sphere won 3rd place in that category against some stiff competition.

All the spheres have rare earth magnets in them and the platter has a circular saw blade inside for the magnets to stick to however the wood has to be very thin for the magnets to work, the spindle on the top piece is offset turned giving it a crank shaft appearance it was the first time I had done a piece like this so it was not perfect and it didn't win a prize but I was pleased with the result.

I did enter 7 pieces in total but will only show 4 here for now.
The last piece is a Yin Yang bowl, the top piece of wood is young OB Rimu, young being maybe 60 years old but this piece is from the outer growth so it is the opposite to what is below, the Mahogany I suspect being much older the Tawa could also be much older and the Walnut all 3 are much harder than the Rimu so what with the colour there is much Yin Yang going on, then there is the shape and while I don't find the shape appealing it too has its Yin Yang.


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